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Light on the Path

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For the student any traditions of mystic transformation, discipline is the key by which all doors are opened. Without discipline there is no disciple. Without discipline, all the learning in the world would come to naught. Without application, repeated and indefatigable, no teaching can be said to have been learned and the words intended to inspire the student to action become hollow and ashen in the mouth of he who refuses to live by them. First published in 1888, Light on the Path was written by Mabel Collins and contains a potency belied by its length. The teachings contained represent a fragment of truly ancient wisdom. Penned long before the time of Christ, these aphorisms were first written in archaic Sanskrit and were later translated by a mysterious figure, veiled by history. What is certain is that the wisdom expressed in this treatise must be of the utmost importance to any who would call themselves a student of the Truth. 

  • Author: Mabel Collins
  • ISBN: 978-1-947533-13-4
  • Paperback: 45 Pages