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The Law

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Written two years after the third French Revolution, The Law is Bastiat’s treatise on how those in power can use the law to their advantage to control and even enslave the population. Bastiat argues that all individuals have natural rights (i.e., life, liberty, and private property), which emanate from Natural Law, and the government’s primary, if not sole, purpose is to protect these individual rights. This humble work is nothing short of a ringing exhortation of mankind’s equal and absolute liberty under Natural Law, the law that springs from our inalienable state of self-possession. Prepare to go on a journey to discover the sanctity of being human and dealing with governments that immorally violate an individual’s rights through the prosecution of unjust laws.

  • Author: Frederic Bastiat
  • ISBN: 978-0-9965636-4-2
  • Paperback: 89 Pages